I was born in Tilburg, The Netherlands, in 1942, and have been living and working in Scotland from 1984 until 2018. I moved to Portugal in May 2018, disappointed by the increasing xenophobia and narrow-mindedness in the UK.

When my high school art teacher suggested art academy in the late 1950's, I did not follow that advice: artists at that time were not known to make a decent living, and besides, my old man would never have approved. So I studied chemistry. I did some painting in the 60's, mostly acrylic on board abstracts. I played bass guitar in various bands, and did gigs until '69. ... and generally bummed about, as you do at that age. In the early 70's I made some welded steel wall sculptures of which two were commissions. From about 1970 until 2007 I have been designing and making scientific instruments: oceanographic, optical and geophysical. I have a BSc equivalent in chemistry, and a MPhil in electronic engineering. And 40+ years of metal work experience. I am a member of ISC and sculpture-network. I did attend workshops in iron and bronze casting at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop from 2009.

About my work....

I love working with metal - any metal. My works are inspired by memories, fantasies (not necessarily my own) and situations in the human sphere. I am intrigued by the eye, as, in my opinion, an essential part of human communication.

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